LUX  CONTROL  is a device which works on the principle of variation in electrical resistance depending upon the incident light intensity. It has wide range application and can be interfaced to virtually any kind of load. It senses the ambient light condition and accordingly takes a control action. i.e. switches ON or OFF the Lights.

A great amount of electrical energy is wasted due to necessary use of lighting, ventilation system etc. Because it is almost impossible to have a precise and accurate manual control of such systems and for this reason automatic control is a must.
Street lights, Factory complex, Railway yards, Platforms, Housing colony, Mining area, Staircase light, Naval ports, Light houses, Runways, Airports, Tunnel lighting or in any other Remote / Unmanned area.
Salient Features
     1. Available in two models "Indoor" and "Outdoor".
     2. 'LUX-Intensity Control' is privided and can be adjusted manually.
     3. Off - set delay is provided.
     4. Auto-manual Switch is provided.
     5. Modular Construction for easy mounting & maintenance.
Special Features
     1. Can be offered in two Versions.
         a. Normal Intensity Control
         b. Extra-wide range of intensity control.
             This particularly takes care of deposition of dust particles,
             bad atmospheric conditions i.e. frequent shadow casting
     2. A special design has enabled the LUX-CONTROL to function reliably
         even in the most un-healthy electrical line conditions.
     3. On and Off delay factory settable is provided to take care of
         transient incident light or shadow curtings. This is particularly
         useful where the installation site is prone to bad light conditions.
         This prevents the photo-switch from erratic switching and

    Indoor Outdoor
  Switch "on" Level 2 - 15 LUX 10 - 30 LUX
  Switch "off" Level Switch "on" Level + 5% Switch "on" Level + 5%
  Switch ON & OFF Delay 10 to 60 Secs "
  Input Supply 230 + 15% 230 + 10%
    50 Hz. A.C. 50 Hz. A.C.
  Power Consumption 1 VA 1 VA
  Switching Capacity 5/10/25 AMPS 5/10/25 AMPS
  Housing Sheet Metal Aluminium Cast
  Size 90*110*50 100*90