Since 1998 Delta solar systems has experience in manufacturing, Design Electronic Control Equipment & LED Lighting. Now we are the leading manufacturer of Aviation Obstruction Lamps both in LED's & Incadescent Type. Our Aviation Lamps are as per norms set by 'ICAO' (International Civil Aviation Organisation) for both Low Intensity & Medium Intensity Type 'A', Type 'B' & Type 'C' Lamps.

A professionally manage company Delta solar system is owned by Sanjay Hire who is an electronics engineer from Mumbai university with a passion to provide quality products to his customer. Our products have been approved by major corporate and have a long list of satisfied customers both in India. The products are known for their advanced features and technology, over other competitive products available in the market.

Our factory is located in Thane, Mumbai having qualified staff & advance manufacturing equipment. We also ensure that all the machines are operated under the surveillance of expert technocrats and regular maintenance checks and calibrations is performed to make sure that the production and quality processes remains hindrance free.
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